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Pavement Ants

Types of Ants in Canada: Pavement Ants

pavement ant picture

Pavement ants, sometimes referred to as black ants – are a type of ant found in Canada. They are medium sized (ranging from around 4mm to 10mm) and are black or dark brown, with lighter coloured legs. These little black ants are one of the most common types of ants in Canada. As their name suggests, they are often found building their ant nests in cracks in pavement and asphalt.

Pavement ants are primarily attracted to sweet foods with high sugar content, though they can and will seek out proteins in its absence. Pavement ants don’t typically build burrows inside your home. It’s more likely you will find them in your garden, driveway or yard. The ant hills you see in the spaces between sideways are typically built by pavement ants.

You can usually kill these black ants with a sugar-based ant bait, however large or stubborn pavement ant problems may require that you seek out professional help.

Don’t Think You Have Pavement Ants?

Other species of ants found in Canada are:

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