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Pharaoh Ants

Ant Species in Canada: All About Pharaoh Ants

pharaoh ant picture

Pharaoh ants are one of the more common ant species in Canada. They are a small species of ant, measuring only 1.5 to 2 mm. They areeasily recognized by their reddish gold colour.

Pharaoh ants originate in the tropics and they thrive in warmer climates. As such, they prefer to live in warm spaces, likeyour kitchen. Pharaoh ant season peaks in the summer, coinciding with the warm weather in Canada.

Pharaoh ants typically build their burrows near water and food sources. They prefer protein as their food of choice and are attracted to meats and grease. This makes your kitchen a prime target for pharaoh ants. So be sure to keep your space clean and free of food debris that might attract the little critters. They build their burrows inside furniture, baseboards, walls and other spaces. Keep an eye out for scout ants to trace your Pharaoh ant problem back to the source.

Don’t Think You Have Pharaoh Ants?

Other species of ants found in Canada are:

If you’ve discovered ants in your home, Magical Pest Control can help you eliminate them. We offer Pharaoh ant control, as well as solutions to get rid of carpenter ants and pavement ants. Call us at (905) 738-6676 for a phone consultation.

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