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Ant Removal

Learn How to Kill Ants Quickly With Targeted Ant Extermination Techniques

Ant extermination isn’t one-solution fits all. Using the proper ant pesticides to treat the type of ants in your home is key to successful ant removal. Magical uses a variety of specialized ant extermination methods to kill ants that are common in Ontario.

We have developed tried and true ant removal methods, honed over years of performing ant exterminations. Our professional technicians ensure that your ant situation is remedied with the quickest and most effective ant pesticides. We treat carpenter ants with a concentrated ant spray. Pharaoh ants and pavement ants are targeted with ant traps, baits and gel-based treatments.

Though toxic to ants, our treatments will not waft toxic fumes or cause any negative environmental side effects if used correctly.

To discuss ant removal options or to get an expert opinion from one of our ant exterminators call us at (905) 738-6676. We will find the source of the problem and urgently treat it with the appropriate ant spray or ant bait.
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