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Different Types of Ants You May Find in Your Home

There are over 12,000 species of ants in the world; however, not all of these species will invade your home. Some can be hazardous while others are less harmful. Ants can invade your home through the tiniest of holes, so to keep your home safe, make sure to keep up with repairs.

All of these different types of ants are probably not welcome in your home, so here’s how to get rid of them!

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Carpenter Ants

There are two common species of carpenter ants found in Canada. The first is called Modoc and the other one is Vicinus. Carpenter ants come in different sizes, ranging anywhere between a quarter inch and three quarters of an inch. Most carpenter ants like sheltering in decayed wood and once settled, they move on to sound wood, causing damage to its structure.

Carpenter ants are found in forests, and nowadays, a lot of forestland is being demolished to become residential areas. Some homeowners like to keep trees on their property, which causes different types of ants to stick around and gain access to your home.

Odourous House Ants

Odourous house ants are quite small (approximately 2.4-3.3 mm in length) and have many queens and many homes. These homes tend to be temporary and can be found under pieces of wood. Odourous house ants don’t like to be outdoors during rainy seasons, so they find shelters indoors.

Unfortunately for us, the indoors these ants find happen to be the ones we’re already living in. Odourous house ants like feeding on sweet things, so make  sure to keep all sugary substances off the floor to prevent them from invading your home.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are around 2.5-3 mm long. Like odourous house ants, pavement ants also have many queens. They like to live under rocks or pavement. Homeowners can find these ants under concrete slabs, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and even in basements. Pavement ants will feed on a variety of foods, including meats, grease, other insects, seeds and honeydew. They’re small but mighty. Pavement ants do not bite, but they do have painful stings

These are only three of the many types of ants that can infest your home. Ants are tiny creatures that can cause some serious damage to your property, so it’s best to get rid of ants as soon as you detect them.

Whether you have carpenter ants, odourous house ants, or pavement ants in your home, Magical Pest has the treatment! Let us help you by getting you the right ant treatment. Reach us at (905) 738-6676.

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