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Five Ant Control Myths

While you’re spending your Sunday afternoon at home in your onesie, indulging in your favorite snacks and binge watching a TV-series on Netflix, you’re not alone, my friend.

Chances are, you are leaving remnants of your snacking, which will likely become ant grub.

You’re longing for a way to ensure you never have to deal with another unwanted house guest. While you don’t want ants in your home, you don’t like the idea of using synthetic repellents to get rid of them, either. You decide to opt for the more natural approaches you found on the internet to eliminate these pests.

Don’t be fooled. While they might seem legitimate, we can tell you that most, if not all, of these methods don’t work!

Before we start uncovering ant control myths, we want to make it clear that ants are a great asset to your garden, as they improve soil structure and consume other insects that are damaging and eating your plants.

However, ants that have marked their territory in your home are a different story. While there are a lot of tips on how to get rid of ants without the use of synthetic repellents, not all of them are effective in eliminating an ant infestation. As we uncover the truth, here are a few ant myths.

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#1: Myth: Vinegar eliminates ants.

Truth: Vinegar won’t get rid of your ants. What it actually does is confuse them into not being able to locate other members of its colony.

#2: Myth: Club soda controls ants.

Truth: This is appealing because it’s easily accessible and environmentally-friendly, but it doesn’t work. While carbon dioxide is fatal to ants, the amount emitted from club soda is not enough to get rid of an entire colony.

#3: Myth: Boiled water kills ants.

Truth: While this technique is effective in the moment, it does little to totally eradicate an ant colony from entering your home.

#4: Myth: Mixing ant colonies means war.

Truth: There is some truth to this, but you won’t succeed in killing the entire ant colony. So long as the queen of the colony is not harmed, the colonies aren’t going anywhere. And because the chances of the queen dying are slim to none, a conflicted colony will most likely just relocate.

#5: Fact: Cinnamon can manage ants.

Truth: While ants don’t like cinnamon, there is zero chance that cinnamon can exterminate them. If ant infestations are your problem, cinnamon is definitely not the solution.

In order to successfully rid yourself of ants, you must eliminate the entire colony. To do that, you need to implement treatment methods that don’t involve any silly home remedies. While they might seem like the safer alternative as opposed to bug repellents, some household ingredients like bleaches and acids can be dangerous. They can pollute water sources which will affect your family and other living things in and around your home.

At the end of the day, if you are lucky enough to only see ants outside, then it’s best to just let them be. As we mentioned earlier, ants are extremely beneficial to your garden.

While dealing with ant infestations might seem like a piece of cake, it’s better to leave matters into someone else’s hands – preferably a professional. Home remedies can only offer a temporary solution for infestations. In order to efficiently control this issue in your home, you will need to get in touch with a professional.

If you are dealing with an ant infestation, contact Magical Pest Control for professional pest control services.

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