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How I Finally got Rid of Ants in My House This Winter

Did I hear an echo saying, “Where are these ants coming from?” Everyone seems to be asking the same question: Why do I have ants in the winter?

I found them just inside my kitchen door last week and wondered what attracts ants in my house. I keep it very clean. Shouldn’t they all be hibernating or something? I had to find a way to get rid of ants in my house or I was going to go crazy!

ants removal get rid of ants for good

What attracts ants to your house?

Pretty much every infestation of ants in your house has one thing in common: Food! Ants love your glorious food. Ants love your tiny crumbs on the counter. They love the tidbits under your stove and fridge. Most of all, ants love:

Ultra sweet food
Granola Bars
Apple Juice

You got it! The common denominator is SUGAR! If there’s uncovered sugary food in your house, you may as well put up a neon sign inviting them in. Naturally, the first step to prevent ants is putting sweet or protein-based food into containers and quickly wiping up spills.

You say, “My house is clean! Doesn’t that prevent ants?”

I hear your protests! You’re very tidy and always put food away after using it. But there are a few things I didn’t think about when cleaning up. It doesn’t mean I’m untidy. It’s just that those ants are so talented. It seems they can detect minute particles of sugar or protein a mile away.

For example, while searching for what attracts ants in my house, I found a tiny drop of honey on a jar. This might go unnoticed by you and me, but not by our little six-legged friends. The same thing goes for a drop of juice or a few grains of sugar in the cupboard. They’re invisible to us, but are virtual goldmines for ants! Once one ant finds its way to the prize, it leaves a trail of pheromones for the others to follow.
Hidden sugar or protein may be what attracts ants to your house

Some sugar or protein sources might be hiding in plain view. Prevent ants by looking for food sources you may not have considered:

  • Your toaster oven
  • Trash bins holding “empty” packages (they’re not quite empty)
  • Your cat’s or dog’s food
  • Multi-coloured surfaces that hide small particles
  • Ketchup bottle tops (ketchup contains sugar)
  • Wet crumbs you wipe into the sink
  • Couch crumbs

When I thought of all the ways minute particles of food could hide in the house, I felt like giving up in exasperation. I cleaned my brains out, rinsed my garbage, and put bottles and jars into plastic bags, but I still couldn’t evict them! Even the neatest housekeeper can’t guarantee their home is 100% free of what attracts ants. What’s a homeowner to do?
Get rid of ants and their greedy ways!

Eventually, I found out how to get rid of ants. I put their appetite for sugar to work against them. I learned what type of ants were invading and used the method recommended by a professional ant removal company.

In my case, after having an ant inspection done, I found out I needed baited traps. These traps contain a sweet liquid irresistible to ants. The ants consumed the liquid, containing poison, and took it back to the nest to feed other ants, killing the queen.

Tried everything and still have ants?

Do you know what type of ants you have? Do you know the best ant removal method for your ant type? Like me, you may have to hire a professional ant removal company to identify them and finally get rid of ants in your house too.

Have you been battling an ant problem in your house this winter? If you’re exasperated, it’s probably time to call an ant removal company to get an ant inspection done.

If you just need help identifying what type of ants you have, try calling Magical Pest’s specialized Ant Removal Division for advice at 905-738-6676.

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