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How Many Different Types of Ants Are There?

types of ants carpenter ants

While the total number of ant species varies a little depending on the source, most experts agree that there are over 12,000 different types of ants worldwide! Though that might seem like a lot of different types of ants, only a few are common pests in Canada.

Look out for these types of ants in Ontario:

Carpenter Ants

picture of carpenter ant
One of the more problematic ants in Ontario, carpenter ants derive their name because they tunnel into wood to make their home. They simply live in the wood, however, they do not eat it like termites do. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be extremely destructive. These large black ants are attracted to sweets and sugary foods. So be sure to keep those types of food stored well!

Pharaoh Ants

picture of pharaoh ant
Pharaoh ants are a small golden type of ant that are attracted to proteins, meat and grease. Be sure to clean up spilled grease and keep your kitchen spotless to ward away these critters. Though pharaoh ants are not destructive like carpenter ants, they probably are unwanted houseguests!

Pavement Ants

picture of pavement ant
Pavement ants are named because they’re often found making their colonies in the cracks in pavement and asphalt. If you’ve ever spotted a large gathering of ants on the sidewalk as you’re wandering around, those are probably pavement ants! Though these types of ants typically make their home in your yard, they can wander in through cracks in your foundation if they’re seeking food or water.

Fire Ants

picture of fire ant
Less common than the other types of ants listed above, fire ants have been found in small pockets in Ontario, where they have been transported home by travellers from warmer climates. Fire ants are infamous for their stinging bite and often feared for this reason. They’re recognizable for their copper coloured head. If you suspect you’re dealing with these dangerous ants, call a pest control company to be safe.

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