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How to Get Rid of Garden Ants

There are two main species of garden ants, the red ant Myrmicarubra and the black ant, Lasiusniger. Garden ants build their colonies quite quickly and can vary in size from as little as 500 ants to several thousand. You can spot garden ants by looking for small piles of earth surrounding a small hole in the soil, lawn or base of the exterior walls of your home.

garden ants and ant control

Getting Rid of Ants in Your Garden

Garden ants are typically harmless, and will not disrupt your garden. They very rarely cause damage to plants, and they do not seek out or attack humans. However, if garden ants are causing a problem for you (such as getting into your home in search of food), here are some ant control methods to try:

  1. Turn the soil in your garden frequently to eliminate hibernating ants during the non-peak seasons (spring, fall, winter.)
  2. Clean ant infested plants with water to get rid of the honeydew substance that attracts ants.
  3. Grow mint plants (such as peppermint or spearmint) in your garden. Ants dislike the smell. Pepper plants and eucalyptus also work.
  4. Eliminate existing ant colonies by pouring boiling water onto ant hills to kill ants inside. Be careful not to do this in places where water could seep into your foundation.

The best method of ant control is to get rid of ants with an appropriate ant bait treatment. If you find the ant baits at your local hardware store aren’t working for you, call a professional extermination company for assistance.

Magical Pest Control’s specialized ant control division has years of experience safely eliminating ants from both residential and commercial properties. Schedule an appointment to kill ants in your garden now. Call us at (905) 738-6676, or by filling out our contact form.

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