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How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home When Spring Comes

We’ve enjoyed an atypically warm winter this year in Canada. But we’re not the only ones taking advantage of the early, spring-like weather.

Ants – particularly the scum-of-all-pests, carpenter ants – are already popping up!  They’ve been spotted as early as last month thanks to our oddly balmy February. The ants think its already spring, and have started swarming early.

It feels like April to them, so it’s April for us, too. And that means keeping those ant infestations at bay. Here are some ant removal tips we recommend for keeping the ants out of your house, and if they’re already inside, getting rid of ants too.

ant removal carpenter ants in house

The outside of the house is just as important as the inside.

Like a trail of breadcrumbs, what’s surrounding your house could lure unwanted pests to your property. It may be obvious, but don’t store wood close to your home. If you have tree limbs that branch near or on your house, it’s better to go through the hassle of chopping them down, rather than dealing with the ant infestation afterward.

Fix any moisture issues with your home.

If there’s one thing carpenter ants enjoy more than munching on wood, it’s munching on damp wood. Homes with issues like condensation, no air circulation, or leaky windows make for a fine meal for carpenter ants. It may be inconvenient or aggravating for some last-minute home renovations, but it’d be a lot more work (any money) if the ant problem gets there first. And though it’s not a moisture issue, cover up any cracks the ants can use to sneak inside (don’t seal the cracks if there’re ants in house, of course).

Hire a pro: call in a pest control company

Compared to other ant problems, carpenter ants can cause the most structural damage to a home. Since you’re dealing with arguably the most valuable thing you own – your house – it’s best not to cheap out on pest control. Ant removal done properly can ensure the integrity of your home; otherwise, you don’t know how much damage an ant infestation will do to the foundation of your house.

Stucco doesn’t mean safe.

Carpenter ants are drawn to wood, but they have no problem swarming stucco homes either. Why? Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, unlike their creepy-crawly counterpart, the termite. Carpenter ants use tunnels carved into wood for their burrows. This means that any soft, material that can be excavated is fair game. Basically ants in house don’t care what material they’re burrowing into, so long as it makes a nice cozy home. So don’t exclude those areas on your ant removal mission.

Make your garden ant-friendly.

If you want a more diplomatic resolution with the ant colonies, there’s a way everyone can win: make your garden a haven for insects. Sure ants can cause grief, but they play an important role in the environment and garden eco-systems. They’re ecological engineers, some species are able to disperse seeds in the soil. Making your garden pro-ant – all you really need to do is have some soil they can tunnel nests in – could keep them happy enough to quit bugging you. Just don’t try to grow any fruits or vegetables which will surely become an ant feast.

If you just need help identifying what type of ants you have, call Magical Pest’s specialized Ant Removal Division for advice at 905-738-6676. We’ll help determine not only what type of ant infestation you have, but also the best ant removal method for your type of ant problem.

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