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Keys To The Colony: How Do I Identify My Carpenter Ant Problem?

Ever had one of these moments? One ant, three ants, fifty ants, uh oh! Every homeowner with an ant problem has found themselves in a slight panic when they notice an ant trail in their home. Don’t worry. Here’s what you need to know to banish your ant problem for good.

species of ants in Ontario

Before you begin to attempt any type of ant control, the first bit of info you should learn is how to recognize the most common ants in Ontario. Identifying the species of ants will give you valuable insight into their social habits, desired nesting site and food preferences. Remember, these insects are quite smart and implement very structured methods for survival. This is why all factors mentioned are equally important when beginning any sort of ant control in your home.

Playing Ant Detective: A Carpenter Ant Case Study

So you’ve spotted an ant problem. Now it’s time to play detective and determine what kind of ant you’re dealing with. For instance, it could be one of the most common ant species in Ontario: carpenter ants.

One of the more difficult species of ants to control, carpenter ants are primarily found outdoors in trees and occasionally indoors if you have wooden furniture or other wooden items they can nest in. While they do not eat wood, carpenter ants regularly excavate wood as a resource for their nests; this means you should search your home for damaged wood.

One of the rules of dealing with an ant problem is to find the ant debris. Ants are known for being strong and they will use their strength to get to food. Once they find food, that’s all that matters to them. This means that when dealing with carpenter ants, traces of wood debris will be hanging out close to a food supply. If your ant problem is severe, carpenter ants will easily be spotted carrying food to their colony, so don’t look too far!

Now you have some valuable information for proper carpenter ant control. Carpenter ants are the largest ant species among common ants in Ontario, and their size makes it easier to trace problem areas inside your home. To prevent a carpenter ant problem, it’s important to seal all food sources and monitor all damaged wood. For more extreme cases, throw out the damaged wood property.

So there you have it, the essential steps to identifying an ant problem: determine the species, study their habits, understand their nesting strategy, remove their food sources, and initiate the proper method of ant control.

For more information or for help with professional ant control, contact Magical Pest Control’s ant removal division at (905) 738-6676 or fill out a contact form. Our team of specialists are trained to exterminate the most common ants in Ontario, worry-free. We offer consultation completely free of charge.

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