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Should You Let Ants In The Garden? Or Cast Them Out?

ant control for ants in garden

You already know the good stuff ants can do for the eco-system, and in turn, your garden. But many people still ask if they should completely remove ants from their garden. It’s not really a simple yes or no answer because it depends on the situation.

First, let’s talk about the positives of having ants in the garden. Ants naturally aerate the soil, which is great for plants. The little tunnels they burrow, bring in water and air to help plants grow. Some ants also pollinate plants because they are attracted to sweet nectars. They are also natural composters and break down organic matter.

Ants are great! Well, not entirely. Unfortunately there are certain things ants can do which can be harmful to your garden.

Why Do You Get Ants In The Garden?

Ants love aphids because they eat the substance produced by them, called honeydew (it’s pretty much aphid excrement). Getting rid of ants can be very difficult when you have aphids in your lawn or garden. Ants farm aphids for their food and they will fight other insects that eat aphids like wasps and ladybugs. Nothing like a good ol’ insect war to keep things interesting.

The aphids are the insects that will actually harm your plants because they can spread disease to other plants, which can potentially wipe out your garden. If you’re looking for proper ant control in your garden, then getting rid of the aphids will get rid of ants as well.

Before you start to look up online ‘how to kill ants?’ or ‘garden ant killer’ take a little time to assess your situation. You should ask yourself these questions first: Are there aphids? Are there a lot ant mounds in the garden? If you say ‘yes’ to both then it would be a good idea to start considering ant control solutions.

How To Kill Ants In Your Garden

A great way to get rid of ants without resorting to toxic chemicals is to use a boric acid based ant killer. It’s only toxic for mammals in large doses so that’s why a lot of ant traps will use boric acid. Just poke some holes through the lid of a Mason jar then fill it with boric acid, sugar and water. Give it a little shake, shake, shake and add a few cotton balls. Place it outside and let it sit there for a day or two. In time you will see a dramatic reduction in ants and then eventually the whole colony will be wiped out. Learning how to kill ants doesn’t get much simpler than this and the best part is you can also use this method inside your home as well.

Hopefully this method is able to get rid of those pesky garden ants but if they keep coming back, then a professional ant exterminator should be called. Magical Pest Control not only takes care of ants in your home but around it too. We use ant treatments that do not cause any negative environmental effects so we ensure your family remains safe and unaffected.

Give Magical Pest Control a call at (905) 738-6676 or contact us online. We can inspect the situation and give you advice on the best ant control methods for your garden.

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