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The DON’Ts of Ant Removal

rules for ant control

If you’ve decided to take your ant removal into your own hands, it’s best to proceed with caution and really understand and take note of what “not to do” when getting rid of ants.

Most people have a good understanding of the basic way to deter ants from colonizing their home, but before getting rid of ants, you must take into account what basic rules to NEVER break if you want the ant control to go smoothly.

When Getting Rid of Ants Don’t Spray ‘n’ Stray

If you’ve already picked out your ant removal treatments, take the necessary measures to monitor your family members and yourself, especially if you’re going the insecticide route. Ant removal treatments like raid and other insecticides are harmful when inhaled for a prolonged period.

Also make sure you begin to immediately air out the room and prevent pets and children from entering the room for at least a few hours. The best ant control tip is to barricade your home with cheap, portable soft gates. Whatever you do, spraying a trail of poison and walking away is a serious don’t!

Proper Ant Control Requires Follow Up

The obvious way to solve an ant problem is by locating the colony. An ant problem always begins with a colony of ants in the garden or outside your home. Naturally, the average Joe will initiate ant control with bait or poison, but you must remember to finish what you started.

Once you find the colony of ants in your garden or outside your home, you should always destroy the point of entry. Find the ant mound, which is difficult to miss, and apply ant removal treatments directly. Without getting rid of the core problem, the colony will continue to find points of entry into your home. Finally, always seal the point of entry. If it’s through your window or a crack in your foundation, use caulk. If it’s a hole in the screen, repair it. Whatever the issue, come up with a solution. It’s probably less expensive that dealing with ants repeatedly!

Squishing Ants Only Wins the Battle, Not the War

Ant removal begins and ends by following the ant trails and removing them intelligently. Blindly placing bait or killing off curious scout ants will accomplish very little in your quest for ant control. It’s best to use the ant trails to your advantage by letting them do the work for you. Follow the trail to the colony or point of entry, and then it’s time to get down to business.

If your ant problem is completely out of your control, don’t hesitate to call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 for a professional inspection and expert pest extermination services.

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