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What Do Ants Eat?

There are more than 12,500 types of ants around the world. Ants are extremely diverse and so is their diet. Ants are typically omnivorous in nature, meaning they feed on plants and animal protein. An ant’s usual diet includes items like wood, fruits, sugar, vegetables, and meat. Some ants even feed on other ants for survival.

what do ants eat and best way to kill ants

The following are a few items that are in your home that ants might be attracted to. Keep these items in sealed containers to avoid leading hungry ants into your home.

  • Candies, fruits, sugar and honey
    Most types of ants are known to have a sweet tooth, and are attracted to sugary items. Of the types of ants found in Ontario, carpenter ants are especially attracted to sugars. They like fruits and the sweet sticky substance excreted by aphids.

  • Meat
    As previously mentioned, there are a few varieties of ants that feed on other ants, insects or spiders for survival. These are the meat eaters in the ant family. Fire ants are an example in this category. That’s why fire ants sting; they kill their prey with their stinger. Of ants found in Ontario, pharaoh ants tend to prefer a protein-based diet. They are attracted to meat grease and leftovers in kitchens.

  • Seeds
    Ants that feed on seeds are often found in desert regions. Desert regions have many types of ants that survive almost exclusively on seeds. In Ontario, carpenter ants and pavement ants will eat seeds as a part of their omnivorous diet.

  • Vegetables
    Most types of ants crave vegetables, so they can be big a pest in your garden. Pavement ants are a good example of a type of ant whose diet includes veggies.

So, what do ants eat? As you can see, ants eat just about everything! In order to protect your home from an ant invasion and avoid the nuisance caused by these pests, keep all food covered, and regularly clean out recycle and garbage bins. If you find ants are getting into your home anyway, killing ants is your best option.

The best way to control ants is with an ant bait. If you find that the ant baits available at your local hardware store aren’t getting rid of your ant problem, contact a professional pest control company for assistance. An experienced extermination company has access to stronger ant baits to get rid of stubborn ants.

If you need a pest company to control ants in your home, Magical Pest Control can help. We have years of experience getting rid of ants, and will make sure that your house is an ant-free zone. Contact us today for a consultation, or call us at (905) 738-6676.

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