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What is in Ant Bait and Ant Poison? It is Harmful to Humans?

ant baits and ant traps

Most types of ant bait and ant poison contain a substance called ‘boric acid’ – it sounds scarier than it is. Though boric acid is poisonous to ants, unless consumed in large quantities (more than found in an ant trap), it won’t cause harm to your family or your home.

How Do Boric Ant Baits Work?

Boric acid is combined with a sugary substance and boiled down to a granular texture. The substance is placed inside ant baits to attract ants. Ants then carry the grains of poison back to their ant colony, eventually poisoning the queen and eliminating the entire colony.

Boric ant baits attract ants that have a sugar-based diet, such as carpenter ants and pavement ants. Most types of ants commonly found in Ontario will react to these types of ant baits. Even though Pharaoh ants prefer a protein-based diet, and are primarily attracted to meats and grease, they are opportunistic, and will also react to boric ant baits.

Ant Control in Your Home

If you’ve had trouble with at-home ant control and find the ant traps or ant baits you’ve tried are not successful, Magical Pest Control’s ant control division will help you eliminate ants from your home. We have industrial-grade ant baits and ant poison that are both safe and effective. Call us at (905) 738-6676 for a free consultation.

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