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When Dealing With Ants, The Best Offence Is A Good Defence

ant traps and ant baits to kill ants

It can seem like an up ant hill battle when you have those pesky little ants in your home. When ant traps and ant bait seem useless and you’re ready to scream with frustration, it might just be time to call in a professional pest control company.

Before you get to that point, let’s go over some simple steps to get rid of ants:

  • Clean up all spills in your kitchen
  • Don’t leave crumbs or food laying around on the counter or table
  • Wash your dishes as soon as you can
  • Don’t leave water on the floor of your kitchen or bathroom
  • If you have an older home keep an eye out for decaying wood. That’s a goldmine for carpenter ants, that prefer to nest in wood.
  • Rinse plastic containers before throwing them away and keep garbage away from your house.
  • Don’t stress. Ants are just animals trying to survive in the world and they only do what comes naturally. Fortunately this means they have consistent behaviours which helps you get rid of them.

We’ve already talked about some common ant control tips. What you really need to know about ant control is that it’s mostly common sense.

Something you probably haven’t thought about is how ants find their food. How do they ‘smell’ it? Can they smell it? Where do they come from? Sometimes those questions might cross your mind when you see ants in your home. If you know more about how they get to your food, then you’ll know the best way to defend against it.

Getting Rid of Ants: There’s A Method To The Madness

First, the scout ants search for a food source. Like all animals, ants need food and water. When it isn’t close by, they have to travel to get it, just like when you go to the grocery store. All ants have antennas, called feelers, which are very sensitive. They can smell and communicate with other ants using their feelers. When the scout finds food it leaves a pheromone trail back to the nest and tells everyone “Hey, there’s a party close by with some free food. Check it out.”

The easiest way to kill ants is to track down the nest by placing your ant bait or ant trap near the pheromone trail. Not on top of it, though, because that will only disturb them. There are different options for ant control such as spraying the pheromone trail with vinegar if you happen to spot a scout going back to its nest. If you’re looking to kill ants, then ant bait with boric acid is best. If the problem is beyond your control, then a professional pest control team should be called.

If you have a severe problem and you need to get rid of ants quickly, contact Magical Pest Control’s Ant Division by calling (905) 738-6676 or fill out our contact form. We will be happy to provide you with free consultation at your convenience.

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