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Why Your Kitchen Might Be the Headquarters for an Ant Invasion.

What should you do when you’ve realized your kitchen is ground zero for an ant colony invasion. What should you do when you realize you’re dealing with a kitchen infestation? And how did this happen, anyway?

kitchen ant colony

Let’s start at the beginning and examine a day in the life. You’re going about your daily routine. Maybe your day starts off with a last minute breakfast concoction (you may or may not have burned your toast). Rush hour isn’t going to hold off forever while you sit and eat your toast, so you’re running around getting ready while you munch on your breakfast. Were those some crumbs you spilled? Oops. Well, no time to clean them now. The dishes are going to have to wait ‘til you get home, too.

And so begins the march of ants in the kitchen.

They’re going to have a field day. To an ant, your (messy) kitchen looks like paradise. Like humans, ants love food. Unlike humans, ants don’t mind a little uncleanliness. Remember those dishes you left hanging out in the sink? They’re like flashing lights announcing “free food” to an ant colony. That full garbage you’ve been putting off taking out? Another sign of paradise for an ant infestation. Or perhaps your kitchen counter isn’t quite as spotless as it should be in the middle of the week? Same issue.

Combine a few of these minor issues and an ant problem that may have started out small can quickly balloon into a full-fledged kitchen infestation.

What should you do?

First of all don’t panic. Ant problems can be fixed. With a kitchen infestation it’s important to follow the ant trail and find the base of the ant colony, so you can act accordingly. This is simple. Ants leave a scent and follow each other down the same path. It’s important to steer the ant trail to one location and begin cleaning your kitchen. This means a thorough scrub-down of every nook and cranny. Then begin placing bait towards the source of the ant colony and watch the number of ants in the kitchen dwindle. Patience and persistence are key. That may mean developing some new but important habits. Think of it as some personal tough love. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re having issues with persistent ants that just won’t leave, call Magical Pest Control’s ant removal division at (905) 738-6676 or fill out our contact form. We specialize in permanent ant extermination, for even the toughest ant problems.

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