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Your Guide To Homemade Ant Extermination Solutions

ant extermination and ant deterrents you can make yourself

Ant extermination can be a messy and often costly mission, but it doesn’t have to be. In cases that aren’t too severe, there are many homemade remedies and ant removal solutions that might do the trick just as well as seeking the services of a professional ant exterminator. Here are some tips that will eliminate your unwanted ant colony in no time.

Deterrents Are An Ant’s Enemy

Add ‘ant barrier’ onto your list of household uses for salt and talc. Everyday substances like baby powder and chalk both contain carcinogens that are harmful to ants and act as strong deterrents. Don’t hesitate to put these powdery substances in windows or door cracks that act as a point of entry for ant trails.

The Kitchen Is Your Friend

We tend to forget how powerful an ant’s senses can be. As a result, the best method for home ant extermination is to use the power of their senses against them. Dip into your arsenal of everyday cooking ingredients to stave off a pesky ant colony.

Vinegar, mint, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic cloves, cinnamon and cucumber peels can all act as a wonderfully potent ant deterrent. Always remember to control access to pets or small children.

Easy Chemical Remedies to Get Rid of an Ant Colony

For a more aggressive ant deterrent, use chemicals. You can access common household liquid chemicals for no-nonsense ant removal solutions. Ant trails will avoid the chemicals and follow the path to a supposed food source. Lay down a bait trap and keep a bottle handy and spray away the ant trail. Helpful sprays include dish soap, rubbing alcohol or household cleaners. Even better, get the ants to bring some toxic treats home to the colony with an ant bait trap that includes poison to quickly kill off the colony. Simply mix boric acid or scoop cornmeal with sugar and water.

When in doubt and looking to reduce your ant extermination expenses, scour your home for the foods and chemical cleaners you tend to use on a daily basis. It might just save you a headache.

If an ant colony becomes difficult to control and you’re unable to use homemade ant removal solutions, please seek immediate assistance from certified ant extermination professionals. Call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 for a free consultation.

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